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The Quick &
Caring Response

24-hour case acceptance and assignment

FamilyMenders provides behavioral health services in Northwest Georgia

FamilyMenders partners with DFCS, DBHDD, and other community agencies to help assist in the combined mission of improving the quality of life of the children and families we serve.

FamilyMenders is the Quick and Caring Response

24-hour case acceptance and assignment
Client contact within 24 hours
24/7 emergency contact & crisis intervention
Weekly case updates to referring agency
Family-centered strengths-based approach
Individual family service plan for each client
Closing assessment summary for each client
Flexible and responsive services
Solution-Based Casework
Wraparound model utilization


FamilyMenders Mission

FamilyMenders was established in 2003 with the purpose of providing responsive and caring services to the client, the case manager and the agencies that request our services. All services are immediate, timely and responsive, specifically tailored to meet the client's particular needs.

We believe in providing services with empathy, genuineness and respect while focusing on positive outcomes that the child may grow to live a stable, healthy and safe lifestyle as well as supporting, restoring, and preserving the family.

FamilyMenders Vision

FamilyMenders has a collective vision: We want to see families gain balance in their lives to live and function happily and safely. We are equally committed to meriting the trust of the community service professionals who choose the FamilyMenders professionals.

FamilyMenders Standards

Our high standards of performance depend on improved accountability, client information access and tracking, accurate, timely, and concise reports, and improved communication routes. We are HIPAA compliant and confidentiality is always safeguarded.

FamilyMenders Principles

  • We respect the family system and operate within the boundaries to promote possible and positive outcomes

  • We have a respectful and perspective view of the client's needs and respect the parameters of needs as provided by referring agency


  • We believe human behavior can change; behavior is a process that requires the opportunity to learn new behaviors, opportunity to model new behaviors, and opportunity to experience benefit from these changes


  • We influence change by teaching people processes of change and model how to be a change agent in their own lives so they have a greater power for positive development for growth within themselves and their families

How do we assess needs?

The needs of our clients are diverse; FamilyMenders staff respects this. From dealing with the juvenile justice system to child parent engagement, our staff has the experience and the tools necessary to identify and analyze the client's needs. An assessment must be from a viewpoint of those we are to serve, the referring agency, and of our best knowledge. It is only from a proper and thorough assessment that we can begin to mend.

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